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    All members can add a signature to their profile. Simply click on your user name on the right side of the forum title bar, then on "Signature". Add your desired signature content and a picture if you wish.

    Please note that signatures will only appear in your first post on any given page of a thread.

    Signature Guidelines

    Over-sized signatures are inconsiderate and will be removed. You can post up information on your mods or a description of your car in your signature. Small pictures can also be linked or attached to your signature. Links to other forums, commercial sites or your personal business enterprise are not allowed.

    Signature Images:

    All signature images are subject to the forum rules.

    Signature images must be no larger than 500 pixels wide by 200 pixels tall. Multiple images must also be within those parameters.

    * Size 2 Font only.
    * If you include an image in your signature, please limit text to 2 horizontal lines. Line spaces count as part of your text total.
    * If you don’t use an image, your text is limited to 4 horizontal lines. Again, line spaces count as part of your text total.

    * NOTE: Unauthorized vendor contacts, vendor links, non supporting vendor logos and banners, product links, and other items that violate forum rules will be removed without notice (Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter, forums and clubs outside the Fully Driven network of sites, etc)

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